October 2023

The LCMS Northern Illinois District (NID) hosted the annual Retired Workers Luncheon October 24, 2023, an event to honor the District’s retired workers as a tribute to their dedicated service. The retired workers included all rostered workers who hold emeritus status in the NID. The event was held at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Schaumburg, Illinois.

The day was marked by engagement with the Word, as attendees delved into a devotion. This moment of reflection was a connection to their shared faith, reminding everyone present of the profound impact of their ministry. However, the event wasn’t only about nurturing the soul; it was also an occasion to focus on physical Wellness through nourishment of a meal.

Beyond the physical and spiritual nourishment, the gathering provided a platform for Witnessing — a opportunity for the retired workers to connect. Amidst the heartfelt conversations and shared experiences, the attendees found moments for fellowship. It was a celebration of faith and resilience.

Additionally, informative District updates were shared after the lunch by President Buss, Lois Stewart, Mission Facilitator for Schools, and Rev. Kris Whitby, Assistant to the President, Mission and Ministry. Keeping everyone abreast of the latest developments helps the retirees remain an integral part of the District’s ongoing journey.

The NID took this opportunity to express deep appreciation for the retired workers. The heartfelt sentiment was clear: the District values these individuals not just for what they did in the past, but for the legacy of faith they have built and the inspiration they continued to provide.

The NID offered more than just gratitude; they extended their warmest wishes, praying for God’s continuing grace and blessings to be with these retired workers. It was a poignant moment, a collective expression of love, respect, and District’s care for its retirees’ well-being, underscoring the importance of our shared faith and the enduring bonds of community.

We gave thanks for the retired workers in the NID. So good to celebrate our faithful workers who have served well!





WELLNESS: Promoting and encouraging health and vitality in congregations, schools, ministries, professional workers and lay-leaders.

So good to celebrate our faithful workers who have served well!