Rev. Dr. Allan R. Buss was elected president of the LCMS Northern Illinois District in 2018. During his presidency, the one thing everything we do will serve is “keeping the main thing the main thing,” faithfully serving the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing it in our community and the world. His commentaries help us unpack and apply this vision to church life everywhere.






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President’s Commentary from Ministry Update Fall 2022:

Just this morning I received an email asking for examples of how children’s ministry looks these days, especially in small congregations. Some of our congregations have few children or even no active younger families with children. Rather than giving up, this congregational leader reached out because we are stronger together! The request was simple – connect us! That is in part what we do!!

Being present and getting to know you and your congregation has been my goal over the last four years. This is also on the minds and in the schedules of those who serve on the NID staff. As I look forward to the next three years, this remains a value of ours for the sake of Advancing His Kingdom.

What a delight to see the people connections at the NID Convention in March! This also happens at pastor and teacher conferences and gatherings as well. This fall each circuit will be electing convention delegates for the 2023 LCMS Convention in Milwaukee. Hopefully we do more than elect delegates, but discuss how we can work together for the Lord’s purposes! Pastor Kris Whitby and I have been scheduling meetings with circuits for the coming ministry year so that we can foster and further our care for each other and mission work! These gatherings include our lay leaders with your hopes, dreams, and concerns. We are seeing the fruit of these discussions already!

Recently, many people gathered who are doing ministry in our intercultural communities or see the opportunity near their congregation or ministry. In addition, in June over 25 people gathered to discuss work in Chicago among our congregations and communities. Friends, at both events, new ideas were bubbling up and Christ-proclaiming opportunities! “The harvest is plentiful.”

This summer six men who are recent seminary graduates were ordained and installed all over the NID. They will have the privilege to be part of a group called PALS that encourages and helps pastors during the first three years of ministry. Thanks for your financial support of these men, wives, and families. It is a beautiful investment we do together!

Hundreds of high school youth from the NID participated in the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Houston in July. The NID LWML Convention has plans to gather in Carol Stream in September 2022 and the LWML National Convention is scheduled for Milwaukee next June. These events are humbling and amazing!

We are excited about the possibility of a Redeeming Life Maternity Home right here in the NID. Your support and compassion has been heartwarming and generous. I can’t wait for a grand opening and the care of moms in need as they seek assistance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Finally, I should note that by September 2022 the NID will have moved to the campus of Concordia University Chicago. We are leasing space on campus so that we can be better stewards of our God-given resources. You are welcome to visit us and we appreciate all you are doing to support the Lord’s mission! You are valued and we thank you! “Come Lord Jesus.”

Rev. Dr. Allan R. Buss
LCMS Northern Illinois District