Update February 24, 2020: Rev. Kris Whitby will be installed as Assistant to the President Mission and Ministry, Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in the Chapel of Our Lord, Concordia University Chicago, 7400 Augusta Street, River Forest Illinois. Light refreshments to follow the installation.


Pastor Kristopher Whitby, Senior Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Mount Prospect, and First Vice President of the Northern Illinois District, has accepted the Call to be Assistant to the President for Mission and Ministry in the LCMS Northern Illinois District.

The LCMS Northern Illinois District (NID) is pleased to announce that Kristopher Whitby will be serving our Lord and Savior as Assistant to the President, Mission and Ministry for the LCMS Northern Illinois District.

In this new role, Pastor Whitby will work closely with the District President to serve the Lord’s work and mission in the Northern Illinois District. He will also work closely with NID staff, elected leaders and especially congregations, promoting and leading initiatives that are in harmony with God’s Word, the Lutheran Confessions, and involve current best practices. In addition to support for Word, Wellness and Witness, Pastor Whitby will assist the District President in assigned administrative duties.

“We are grateful that the Holy Spirit has led Pastor Kris Whitby to accept the Call the Northern Illinois District extended through the Board of Directors. Here we have a churchman – gifted, grounded in the LCMS with her Confession and Mission – ready and willing to serve the church at large. Special thanks to St. Paul Lutheran Church and School, Mount Prospect, where Pastor Whitby has served for 16 years, for their understanding and prayers. The Lord is at work in amazing ways! We know Word, Wellness and Witness, our vision, is also a passion for Pastor Whitby.” – Rev. Dr. Allan R. Buss, President, LCMS Northern Illinois District

Please join us in welcoming him through prayer and encouragement in the Lord’s mission, and continue to pray for Pastor Whitby, his wife Marguerita, and the members of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School as they make this transition.

We thank you for supporting our work together in the Gospel! A blessed Thanksgiving as we give thanks for “food and clothing, house and home, family and property; (as) He provides daily and abundantly for all the necessities of life, protects me from all danger and preserves me from all evil.” (Luther’s explanation of the First Article of the Apostle’s Creed) All this because the Lord is good, always in Christ!

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Pastor Kristopher Whitby Accepts Call, Assistant to the President for Mission and Ministry