September 2021

On September 23, 2021, the LCMS Northern Illinois District (NID) welcomed its new church workers. All newly ordained and commissioned school administrators, along with those who transferred to the NID from other Districts, were able to learn about how the NID carries out its mission. These pillars direct our work together in the vision laid out for us: Word. Wellness. Witness.

Whether new to the NID, or newly ordained or commissioned, change can be overwhelming. But God called them to serve His Kingdom, so we know He will provide what is needed to undertake new challenges. The event provided an opportunity to familiarize the new workers with how the NID could be of service to them in their work. President Buss spoke to how it is “all about Jesus” and the importance of Word, Wellness and Witness. Each department within the NID provided a brief overview of their resources. The meeting then divided into distinct sessions for ordained and commissioned workers.

A separate meeting will be held for commissioned teachers via Zoom since many of them are unavailable Monday through Friday. During the time together, several NID staff members will provide information about the District and how we walk together to advance God’s Kingdom.

We are thankful for these school administrators and pastors. We are grateful for them and their co-workers! To God be the glory for these new workers in the NID. It was a blessing to spend the day with them.


NID Welcomes New Church Workers