Creative Vision Session

The new Mission and Vision for the LCMS Northern Illinois District moves forward after a time of prayer and discernment with the input of more than 200 individuals representing 100+ district congregations.

God’s will for our lives has reason and purpose. It is through Scripture that we can find meaning and principles to discern God’s plan. And so, in early 2019, the Northern Illinois District began a process which included prayer, discussions, and discernment, to explore God’s plan for our District.

Over 200 people representing more than 100 congregations attended seven vision sessions throughout district. There was a lot of listening—a lot of prayer. We came together, united, to seek the answer to the question, “Who does Jesus say we are?” Through these vision sessions, the messages were clear.

Through these sessions, the messages were clear.
We need hope. Jesus is that hope.
There is a need to worship together. We are the Body of Christ.
Our people want to know how to share our faith. We are tasked with making disciples.
Laity want to be more engaged and connected with each other. We are in this together.
As a result of this messaging, our new mission and vision is now laid out:

Filled with living hope in Christ, Confessing, Praising,

and Advancing His Kingdom


As LCMS Lutherans in Northern Illinois, we will carry out this mission by upholding three pillars. These pillars direct our work together in the vision laid out for us.


Helping congregations be more centered on a rich life of Word and Sacrament, with congregational support in transitions as well as time of joys and sorrows.






Promoting and encouraging health and vitality in congregations, schools, ministries, professional workers and lay-leaders.






Encouraging personal witnessing, congregational engagement with their community, support of our NID partnerships and missions and sharing in a world mission field together.





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Moving Forward With New Mission and Vision