Leslee Johnson, the Kindergarten teacher at St. John’s Chicago, was honored this month with LEA’s 2018 Distinguished Lutheran Early Childhood Teacher award.

This post was contributed by Edward Grube, the Director of Publications and Communications at the Lutheran Education Association (LEA).

Leslee Johnson was selected to receive the Lutheran Education Association’s 2018 Distinguished Lutheran Early Childhood Teacher award. Ms. Johnson is a full time kindergarten teacher at St. John’s Lutheran School in Chicago. She was selected by LEA’s Early Childhood Network leadership team.

Leslee graduated with a B.S. in Education with a minor in early childhood education from Concordia University, Nebraska. Previously, she taught prekindergarten and grades 1-3.

In support of Leslee’s nomination, one parent said, “I, myself, had Mrs. Johnson as a teacher for kindergarten. More recently, two of my children have had her as a teacher and my other two will be in her class in the near future. I can tell you firsthand how amazing Mrs. Johnson is as a teacher and person. She is a teacher who is not only great at what she does, but you can tell she truly loves what she does. Not only does she give our children the best education possible, she also teaches them what it means to be a Christian. She shows compassion and shares the love of God so naturally. It is remarkable to see how much the children grow and learn, both educationally and spiritually in her class throughout the year.”

Leslee’s principal also commented. “Leslee Johnson has completed 40 years of innovative teaching at St. John’s Lutheran School. She is a very creative teacher who adapts her lessons to the current class of students. She was differentiating her lessons for the students long before differentiation became an educational buzz word.”

Ms. Johnson’s pastor adds, “Leslee is a clear witness to the loving Savior who bids the children to come to Him. Not only does she show Christian love and devotion to her kindergartners, but in word and deed, the light of Jesus shines to all. All this she carries out with faithfulness and excellence, even while caring for her husband who suffers from Parkinson’s. The Lord provides strength and peace as she ensures his safety and comfort, providing the same excellence in service in her vocation as spouse as she does in her vocation as teacher.”

Leslee says of her mission, “Love, laugh, build, grow, serve. Love as Jesus loved. Laugh every day. Build relationships. Grow in faith and knowledge through Bible study, prayer, and worship. Serve others in word and actions. With God all things are possible!”

St. John’s, Chicago Teacher Honored by Lutheran Education Association